X2CRM – You’re in Control

The administration panel in X2CRM offers users a wide selection of capabilities, tools and utilities for managing every aspect of the application, and by extension, your business. This allows them to maintain organizational standards and best practices, and to maximize productivity for all users. In addition, administrators have the flexibility to customize and extend X2CRM with the intuitive development tool X2Studio.

X2CRM’s administrative tool set offers fine tuned control over every aspect of its interface to satisfy your company’s sales and marketing needs


User Management

Administrators have complete control over users, roles, permissions, and groups. They can invite, create and manage users, and assign them to different role categories based on their involvement in the organization, such as Sales or Customer Service representative. Administrators create roles and grant the access permissions for each role type. Users then inherit the access permissions for their roles, but if they wish, admins may further set permissions individually on a user by user basis as well.



Marketing & Sales

 The X2CRM marketing, sales, and service capabilities can be configured in myriad ways by administrators. This includes everything from web lead forms, web trackers, and notifications to lead distribution, sales pipelines, and automated process flows to service case forms and case distribution.



System Settings

The System Settings allow administrators to configure and customize X2CRM to meet the needs of their organizations. This is where you configure a variety of settings such as session timeout rate, default currency, and automatic software updates. You can also easily customize X2CRM by adding menu items, static pages, and uploading your corporate logo. In addition, X2CRM can be integrated with Google so users can login with their Google IDs, see their Google Drive files in X2CRM and include them in outbound emails, as well as link their Google and X2CRM calendars.



Email Configuration

You can configure general high level email settings such as company default signatures or the email server method. You also can establish a special email address which you want X2CRM to receive emails from and record messages sent to that address. From within the email server configuration module, you can set parameters for bulk email settings and service case messages




X2CRM Utilities help administrators efficiently manage the application. There are import and export utilities for Contacts as well for as all data in X2CRM. These can be used for migrating data from another CRM system, uploading names from an event like a trade show, as well as for system backup and recovery. There are also tools for system rollbacks, looking at changelogs and user histories, managing tags, and translating X2CRM into other languages. 

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While X2CRM is designed to be quickly and easily configured with minimal effort required, administrators have the ability to customize and extend X2CRM in almost any way imaginable with the development tool X2Studio. New modules can be created in X2Studio without any programming. Drag-and-drop interfaces and drop-down menus enable administrators to easily create and edit forms, customize fields, and edit user menus in a wide variety of ways.


X2CRM – Finely Tuned

Administrators have a wealth of tools and capabilities for comprehensive, efficient management and customization of X2CRM. Like every interface in X2CRM, these administrative utilities are designed to be highly intuitive with familiar drop-down menus for easy configuration. However, these utilities are also very powerful and flexible and they allow administrators to effortlessly configure, customize and extend X2CRM in any way needed to fully satisfy organizational requirements.