A Unique

“The solution leverages one database, accessible to all authorized users.”

What Makes Our Solution Different

X2CRM is more than a platform. It’s an extensible and responsive front-office solution that is deployable to the data center of your choice: Cloud, hosted, or on-premise. Select the appropriate modules and go! The solution leverages one database, accessible to all authorized users. The latest release includes an unparalleled new level of functionality, with unique capabilities for customer portals, Artificial Intelligence, and mass mailings you can add as your business grows.

An Integrated Suite of Customer Engagement Tools

X2CRM offers more than twenty native, cohesively designed modules, each module with a shared database platform that facilitates all of your critical tasks. It solves the problems caused by the inflexibility of conventional solutions for a new alignment across marketing and sales. Your whole team sees the big picture. Your organization achieves more with fewer expensive managerial work hours.

“It solves the problems caused by the inflexibility of conventional solutions.”

“You reduce the workload it takes to delight your customers.”

The Meaning of End-to-End Customer Engagement

X2CRM is a proven solution with more than 40,000 deployments. Companies around the world have built their customer engagement by partnering with X2CRM. See for yourself how we can help your company create limitless relationships with your customers. You reduce the workload it takes to delight your customers.

The Modules of the X2CRM Suite


A built-in module to manage support and ensure customer satisfaction. It’s a centralized and standardized force-multiplier for interactions, with many automated functions that improve the customer experience.


This core model is highly extensible and scalable to configure your entire sales process and reporting. It prioritizes according to individual user-requirements, with complete CRM, deal opportunity tracking, quoting, invoicing, and more.


Centralize your product pricing, quoting, invoicing systems, and tracking. It eliminates mistakes and expedites opportunities with more accurate information.


Implement web lead capture forms, landing pages, and website activity tracking. It’s your lead scoring and routing, targeted email marketing campaigns, and newsletters, all within one cohesive module.


Work visually and stay organized with this rich text editing tool and document management system. Set up quotes, document, and email templates, as well as upload any other type of file you might want.


The module provides built-in document management with rich text-editing tools. It gives you document management tools to create letters, email templates, and quotes.


A universal workflow engine and progress reporting system. It’s simple, fast, and straightforward, with automated checkpoints. You can automate just about any task with this module.


The portal for your customers. Give your users the self-help access to information they crave. Organize your help section, publish FAQs, and post tutorials that empower customers and reduce their reliance on your managed support system.

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