X2CRM is a powerful data aggregation tool that enables businesses to truly understand, influence, and manage customer and partner interactions because of its modern architecture and centralized data structure.

Every aspect of X2CRM is built on top of a powerful workflow engine, permitting companies to automate their relationship interactions, to optimize outcomes. But with 8.0, X2CRM releases artificial Intelligence integration to not just know the customer’s journey but to understand their intention and improve the decision-making process, automatically.

Influencing recommendations is critical to handle the unexpected volume of inquiries for customer support, intelligent personal assistants for sales, and customizing engagement follow-ups for marketing. Because X2CRM’s value lies upon the unified and real-time database that contains not only all of the customer records but also their workflow processes, their responses, their asks – having a powerful AI engine connected to this data becomes an unprecedented tool to attain new customers and retain current relationships.

 X2AI integrations

X2CRM has integrated the Amazon Lambda and Amazon Lex to provide a state-of-the-art conversational AI CRM solution. This new AI layer supports every X2 module that is created in the X2Studio while leveraging any data point managed in X2’s centralized data structure.

X2CRM’s first customer-facing AI-powered solution manages online chat conversations. This chatbot tool provides recommendations to the chat participants that may range from troubleshooting to price quotes. It has a natural language understanding component built-in, and it is interoperating with the existing company data set, such as X2Products, X2Quotes, X2Documents, then it sends commands to X2WorkFlow to trigger new activities within X2Sales, X2Support, and X2Marketing.

So now, with X2AI, customer support can be available 24/7 through a company’s website, and X2CRM can handle any sort of inquiry, ranging from complaints to pricing questions, and appropriately address your customer’s needs.

X2 Visualizations  

New Visualizations for X2 Users

Custom, interactive report visualizations allow easy drillable insight.

X2 releases a new capability of Report Visualizations which includes over 1,000 types of Visualization formats available to display real-time analytics information.

Examples of new visualizations available  are a heat map for email campaigns that show the amounts of emails opened and sent per a 7 day 24 hour grid with higher open rates or send rates getting a darker version of the color. Program managers can quickly scan the heat map to assess open performance to make better informed decisions. 

Other visualizations include a bubble chart for forecasts allow management to quickly see the largest deals which corresponds to a larger bubble. The advantage of the visualization tool integration within the X2CRM is that when you click on a bubble you can drop immediately into the X2 forecast record to view in detail. A spline graph for revenue is included. 

Calendar Sharing with the Public

X2’s calendar functionality for every X2 user is now publicly accessible so that customers can view the availability of your reps and select a time that works for them. This saves scheduling mistakes and makes meeting creation so much easier.  Each user is responsible for blocking out times to accept appointments and this is a separate calendar from the rep’s own calendar so this information is not viewable by the public.

Partner Portal

X2CRM releases a portal interface where companies can enable their channel or business partners, controlled access to customer-related information such as customer cases, opportunities, quotes, documents, and more. This enables a cohesive customer experience for a complex sales or support cycle.

Support Case Sharing

Support Case Sharing

Enables advanced search functionality expediting a customer support interaction.

X2Support has been enhanced so that internal and external support teams can add descriptions of the problems and resolutions.  The agent can then save the support case into a database of searchable cases so other agents and customers can instantly search new fixes as soon as any agent has solved a problem. 

This helps customer support agents save time by having access to the most recent resolutions immediately. 

WYSIWYG Email Template Editor

X2CRM’s New HTML Template Editor

Now available to design emails, landing pages, PDFs and web forms.

The legacy email creation experience got a dramatic upgrade, so Marketing and Sales can quickly create a mobile responsive template or campaign and have full control over its appearance. This Template Editor has also been applied to the X2 Landing Page, PDF, HTML, and iFrames creations.

Enhanced Sales Quotations

X2Enterprise now provides enhanced sales quotations through X2Quotes, and supports extensible quotes with multiple comment lines and the ability to easily send quotes to accounting packages for revenue tracking.

Data Management Enhancements

X2 has released database conversion utilities for GoldMine and Hatchbuck, and mass lead-loading so prospect lists can quickly be entered into X2Leads. Additionally, the leads imported can be sent though X2’s Mass Email Campaign Manager, which can send hundred thousand emails per day. X2’s data deduplication has been improved so that the comparison and flagging capabilities are even more granularly controlled. Additionally, X2 has released a Discover.org integration so that lead, contact, account and opportunity records can be extended with licensed insights from 3rd parties.

Ecommerce Integration

X2 has released an integration with Chargify, so that any X2 web form can submit user-entered form data into Chargify and complete an online payment transaction. When the user completes the payment, the sales record is created within X2CRM.

X2CRM 8.0 is available as of December 6, 2019. If you would like a demonstration of X2AI or any of the 8.0 functionality, please contact us.