X2CRM recently landed on the CRM Technology Value Matrix from Nucleus Research as a Core Provider. This is certainly a huge honor to be included in a definitive and highly respected project and determined by leading analysts. 

According to Nucleus Research, “the Value Matrix measures the ability of CRM vendors to deliver value in usability and functionality across the three core pillars of CRM: Sales, marketing, and service.” 

X2CRM joins other CRM solutions including Sage CRM and Maximizer Software in the Core Provider section. The report states, “X2Engine’s X2CRM solution is designed to provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use platform that can be deployed in multiple environments including AWS and Google Cloud. Based on Open Source code, X2CRM includes more than 20 modules to support sales, marketing, order, support, and service interactions. Its three key software components are X2Marketing Automation that automates communications from any module, activity or data change; X2WorkFlow, a visual workflow automation engine; and X2Process, a process management system.”

Read more here https://nucleusresearch.com/research/single/crm-technology-value-matrix-2019/