Business People Using Computer Working Concept

SearchCRM recently published two articles about customer support and the integration with self-service portals. X2Engine’s CEO, David Buchanan, was lucky to be a contributor on self-service best practices. The topic is very interesting to all of us at X2Engine, and we were very pleased to contribute to the articles.

In “6 Tips for Driving Adoption of Self-service Platforms” David talks about how companies should study the user’s journey and common needs that require assistance that impact the contact center. The second, article “6 Reasons Why Self-Service Options Fail” David expresses concern for forcing users through a long procedure without providing alternative channels, such as direct access to a live agent. 

As David has been working with SearchCRM on these incredibly important topics, we realize that we want to know your needs about self-service platforms

X2Engine strives to engage its customers to ensure we are providing the very best and complete CRM solution. We may not be aware of some of your company’s needs and situations. So, we ask you to engage in our short, and somewhat scientific survey as to the things you feel are important, and things you would like to see.