Well wasn’t 2018 fun? It surely was for us at X2Engine. What we accomplished both technologically and through services allows us to provide better support to our customers in 2019. We look forward to furthering customer relationships for Small to Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Launching Enterprise-Ready X2CRM

Recapping our 2018 accomplishments, we are proud of the X2CRM Enterprise 7.0 release. (watch 7.0 intro video) It’s the full marketing automation solution supporting every customer touchpoint. And best yet, it is priced so that SMEs can take full advantage of these automations at $35 per user/month.

We also launched the X2Engine White Glove Migration Service, where the engineers who coded X2CRM Enterprise actually migrate SMEs from other disconnected SaaS-based CRM and Marketing Automation Solutions, and combine the legacy systems data, workflows, user experiences into the modern-architected X2CRM Enterprise. We guarantee that this is a low-friction experience for our SME customers, and that they don’t need to pay for the services until we succeed.

Our MarTech and Marketing Automation efforts were certainly embraced by the public. In December, X2Engine was honored to be recognized as a CIO Applications Top 10 MarTech Solutions Provider. We are also honored to be the recipient of the 2018 CRM Rising Star Award given by CRM Magazine.

Through our efforts, SME service-focus, and of course our advanced technology has given us attention from numerous press outlets including Destination CRM, Sales TechStar, Dataversity, MarTech Series, CIO Applications, and others.

X2CRM Helps SMEs Succeed Through Automation in 2018

X2CRM powers many organizations, way beyond what legacy CRM systems can provide. For example, Nomad Bike Bags, an X2CRM customer, uses X2CRM to support every customer touchpoint. First, X2CRM is integrated into their social media page, and drives traffic to their eCommerce engine. Once an order is underway, X2CRM manages the sales and operations. It handles support inquiries and even tracks orders by using SMS. Read more about the full-enterprise deployment of X2CRM within Nomad Bike Bags.

X2’s 2019 Efforts Further SMEs Relationships

As for what’s ahead for SMEs, we predict their need for fluid customer interactions will intensely grow. To remain competitive and advance business efforts toward success, SMEs must have company-wide systems that they can trust

According to a recent survey by Accenture, 66 percent of customers will switch companies due to poor customer service. Additionally, a Harvard Business Review study determined that customers who had a good experience spend 140 percent more than customers who had a bad experience.

Constellation Research vice president and principal analyst Nicole France states, “The key is to focus on the most important fundamental of all: understanding customers.” She continues to state that understanding the customer “means knowing them well enough to anticipate their needs, sometimes even before they do themselves.”

Nicole emphasizes that “customer experience” and customer understanding are flip sides of the same relationship coin. “Essentially, customer experience is the relationship from the customer’s perspective — customer understanding is the cross-enterprise experience of the same relationship.” Read Nicole’s 2019 predictions within the Constellation Research blog.

At X2Engine, we want to embrace and forward both customer understanding and customer experience. X2CRM solution continues to make advancements addressing the customer model through a comprehensive CRM, workflow engine and marketing automation platform, delivering:

  • Advancements within the single marketing automation, workflow engine, and CRM portal platform, providing personalized experiences relevant to the customer journey.
  • Responsiveness at scale within email, landing pages and web lead forms.
  • Extension through the multi-channel customer experience.

“Enterprise CRM and enterprise marketing automation will merge together and incorporate social features seamlessly,” said David Buchanan, CEO of X2Engine, Inc. “Also, CRM portals will drive immediate value to customers by resolving their inquiries with tailored responses according to their profile, purchases, and activities.”

David Buchanan is a guest speaker on the live webinar on January 23, 2019 hosted by Destination CRM. David, along with speakers from NICE and eGain Technologies will be speaking about 2019 Mega-Trends. Register here to attend for free.

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