When I was growing up, I didn’t had cable TV at home. Instead of spending my Saturday mornings watching cartoons, I watched informercials. As boring as it sounds, I was enchanted by these all-in-one gadgets that promised to do everything.

A countertop cooker that can toast bread, boil pasta, and roast chicken in a single appliance? Sign me up!

A hairstyling tool that can curl, straighten, or dry my hair with titanium plated rotating parts? Sold!

If most “As Seen on TV” products sounds too good to be true – they probably are. My mom and I purchased a few of these products after being blown away by their over-the-top commercials. However, we were always disappointed with how poorly they worked. Our countertop cooker was too complex and bulky, so we stashed it in the garage. My hair tool neither curled nor straightened well and I threw it out once it started to burn my hair.

The problem with all of these products is that they tried (and failed) to be an “all-in-one” solution. They think that just adding barely functioning features or fancy gimmicks is enough to compensate for a mediocre product. By trying to do so many different things, they ended up not doing a single thing well.

The Problem with Most CRM Systems Today

Many CRM systems in the market today share the same problem as my infomercial products – they’re bulky, overly complex, and expensive. In an effort to stay relevant in a changing market, these companies bolt-on barely functioning features for an additional cost.  What most users are left with are disjointed CRM systems that barely function.

What’s even worse is that some CRM systems completely ignore key features, such as marketing automation. This means that your business will need to use a completely different application to fully utilize your CRM system. Trying to integrate different business applications is a nightmare because each company uses a different programming language, database, and cloud. The more applications you try to link, the more points of failure your business faces.

Ultimately, some CRM systems can actually slow down your business because they take too long to master, require your employees to constantly switch between different applications and functions, or are simply incomplete.

X2CRM is Different

X2CRM is built entirely on a simple principle: Make your business run faster. Unlike other CRM providers, X2CRM is a compact application that’s built entirely on unified code base and includes sales, marketing, and customer service modules. Because every feature within X2CRM is natively built within our application, every action is aware of other events within the system, making X2CRM and extremely flexible and streamlined system.

X2CRM doesn’t have features that are haphazardly bolted-on. We know that when we put time and careful consideration into our design and development, we can provide your business with the best all-in-one CRM system today and into the future.

But don’t just take our word for it. Give X2CRM a try and see exactly how our compact, all-in-one application can help your business today!