Like many, I am a visual learner. If I need to learn a new concept, I always prefer to watch a video explanation instead of reading through long blocks of text. By watching a demonstration, I can fully understand exactly how something works and visualize using it myself. At X2CRM, we created a brand new introductory video to show you exactly how X2CRM can empower your business.

In our new video tour, John Roberts explains how X2CRM is a truly next generation CRM application with its exciting new capabilities, services, deployment options. He also demos many of X2CRM’s most notable features, such as its comprehensive contact page, workflow engine, and website intelligence tools. With our new video tour, you can visually see how every feature will maximize the effectiveness of your sales, service, and marketing teams.

X2CRM is a powerful, agile, intelligent, and compact system. It has many powerful tools to help grow your business and leverage your website to acquire and retain customers. By seeing X2CRM’s features in action, we know that you’ll become as excited about X2CRM as we are.