In our increasingly competitive CRM business world, face-to-face interactions are critical for any business. At X2CRM, we are expanding the performance of X2CRM by infusing location-based services directly into our application.

X2CRM users can easily check-in at any location using their mobile phone. This check-in post will instantly update the company’s activity feed and user record, increasing communication among your entire business. Location services also save time by allowing users to easily view the location other employees. For example, managers can instantly view where a field representative is, without calling or emailing them.

X2CRM’s check-in feature can also unlock location-based opportunities. Whenever a contact opens an email, views your website, or accepts a calendar invitation, their location is updated on their contact page. Location-based notifications and actions can easily be created within X2Workflow, enabling sales representatives to initiate new face-to-face customer meetings within a moment’s notice.