There is just something inexplicably nice about feeling a sense of ownership. Whether it’s having your name spelled correctly when you order a cup of coffee or setting a personal photo as your phone’s background, there are so many small things we do to personalize our possessions.

X2CRM has so many major features (X2Worflow, X2Process, and an all-encompassing contact page to name a few) that sometimes smaller tools can be overlooked. X2CRM is a fully customizable CRM platform. To make your deployment feel like something that truly belongs to each of your users and your company, you can customize the entire look of X2CRM in a number of ways.

Company Branding

X2CRM wants you to feel that X2CRM is an extension of your business. We know that small details, such as your logo and color scheme, create an identity for your business. With our customizable CRM application, you can easily incorporate those aesthetics directly into your installation. Easily incorporate your company’s own logo in the upper right-hand corner and the login page. X2CRM can even be recolored to have a specific color scheme and build out your own branding identity.

User Personalization

Individual users can further personalize X2CRM. Unless locked by the administrator, anyone can change their account’s theme, background image, and even notification sounds. Whether you prefer to read white text on a black background or want to change X2CRM’s background image to your favorite vacation photo, any user can easily modify their interface.

Module Organization

X2CRM’s customization do more than just change the appearance of your account. Personalize your dashboard and toolbar by creating or reorganizing specific widgets and modules. All of the widgets on the dashboard can be moved around, resized, or hidden. There are numerous custom widgets you can easily create, such as an email inbox viewer or various reports and charts. Custom modules can be pinned to your toolbar so you can easily access frequently used pages with a single click. With X2CRM’s customizable user interface, anyone can personalize their dashboard so the most relevant information is available as soon as they login.

Enterprise software typically isn’t “fun”, but X2CRM combats thats stigma by allowing users and businesses to customize the look and feel of their CRM system. Personalizations make using X2CRM a more enjoyable experience, which will encourage your employees to continue using it. Small changes, like white text on dark backgrounds to reduce eye strain or specific widgets on the homepage, can actually improve efficiency within your business.

Our video tutorial walks through how administrators and users can fully customize their X2CRM deployment. Why not give it a try today?