Leads are More Than Just a Phone Number or Email

One of the most frustrating thing about CRM providers is their website – all of their product information is hidden behind web lead forms.

Web lead forms are a great tool to capture leads and learn more about potential customers, but it seems ridiculous for other CRM providers to hide important content behind a wall. Imagine if all businesses operated like that:

You walk into a clothing store, hoping to find some formal wear for a coworker’s wedding. You ask the cashier for someone to help you find an outfit and she responds,

“Of course! I’ll just need your personal phone number and the name of your company. Once you provide that information, I’ll grab a sales personnel to help you!”

You’re not comfortable giving the cashier your information because you’re not even sure that you want to buy anything here. As you try to walk around the store and find something yourself, the cashier starts frantically waving her arms and blocking you from looking at the clothing racks.

“I’m sorry. To look at formal wear in that section, you’ll need to provide your email address.”

Frustrated, you leave. All you wanted was to explore your options and see what the store offered; all they wanted was your personal information. But you’re more than just an email or a phone number – you’re a person who deserves to be treated like one.

X2CRM is different because we’re committed to transparency. All of our documentation is open and available for anyone to review, not hidden deep within our site.

Use Software to Optimize, Not Replace

Unfortunately, too many businesses treat their digital and personal interactions as two, completely isolated points of communication. They don’t realize that online interactions require the same nurturing as any face-to-face sale. Companies need to build credibility and trust through their digital communication, just like any personal relationship.

Lead management is the best way to ensure that you provide the most qualified leads with the best sales experience and quickly create lifelong customers. Software that automates lead management, such as X2CRM, is not meant to replace any personal interaction; instead, it should be used to enhance and optimize a capable marketing and sales teams. As a complete enterprise CRM system, X2CRM has features to help you with every step of lead management:


The first step in turning leads into customers is to actually capture the leads. The easiest way to generate interest in your product is to engage in some form of marketing or outreach. X2CRM offers a variety of lead generation tools, such as automated drip marketing campaigns, web lead forms, and a landing page creator, to help your business take the first step in a digital relationship with your lead.


Despite how important lead qualification is, nearly 80% of marketers pass leads without any qualifications or plans to sales representatives. This means that promising leads go cold as sales waste time with unqualified leads, losing opportunities and revenue for your business. To prevent this, X2CRM has multiple ways of recording lead qualifications. The Lead module allows users to record a lead’s personal information, qualifications, such as type, status, and score, and easily convert leads into contacts or opportunities with a single click. Businesses can also record lead qualifications directly within a contact’s page, bypassing the need to create a separate lead record altogether. No matter what your qualification strategy is, X2CRM can easily fit your business needs.


The most important part of lead management is appropriate lead routing and nurturing. This is where your digital and personal relationship meet. Lead routing can significantly reduce response time and make sure all leads are handled by the most relevant sales member. Lead can enjoy a consistent and personalized experience as soon as they are recorded in your CRM system. With X2CRM, you can create customized lead routing rules where new leads will be assigned to representatives that best meet their needs, such as location or product. X2CRM gives you full control over task leads and routing, making it simple to establish unique and custom contact and assignment rules.

By creating a specific lead manegement process for your employees to follow, you can ensure that your business is pursuing all of the best leads with the same degree of care and quality. X2CRM has the tools you need to successfully nurture leads from capture to sale, as well as many other features to support your digital and personal relationships.