Despite how tech-savvy my family believes I am (Mom, all I did was restart the WiFi router), I know that there is a lot I still need to learn. Because I am a very visual person, I try to simplify complicated ideas into imagery I can easily understand. Instead of thinking about complex network architecture, I imagine riding a motorcycle down a road. Since both data and vehicles travel in a “flow” along a designated path, this is the perfect example for understanding our new v6.9 deployment options.

X2CRM Virtual Private Server – Driving on the Freeway

I love to take road trips. Some of my fondest childhood memories take place in the back seat of my parent’s minivan, watching The Incredibles on a portable DVD player (which 10 year old me thought was the pinnacle of technology) and driving to some far-away place. Once I was old enough to drive the car myself, my attitude toward road trips quickly changed. I love driving but absolutely hate traffic. There is nothing worse than speeding down the freeway and seeing a wall of red brake lights in the distance. The freeway is usually the quickest and easiest way to get to any destination, but sometimes you get caught in the flow of all the other traffic.

Like a freeway, a virtual private server is a shared environment. Although you only get to access your own deployment (imagine this is your bike), it is on a shared server with multiple other deployments (the other cars on the road). This deployment is great for a business that simply wants to get from A to B and use our CRM right out-of-the-box. X2CRM’s virtual private server is the perfect option for smaller businesses that want a complete CRM system, but does not need or have the volume demands of a larger enterprise.

X2CRM Dedicated Private Server – Driving on the Track

Racing on a private track has been on my bucket list for as long as I could drive. There is something exhilarating about the idea of going as fast as I can on a completely empty road. I would be free to drive (or speed) without the fear of other vehicles, obstacles, or tickets. A private track gives you the opportunity to drive however you want; something you could never do on a shared freeway.

When your CRM runs on a dedicated private server, it’s similar to moving from a freeway to a track. The private environment allows your business to run a more customized or demanding application. You’re able to personalize X2CRM on a code level to ensure that it fits perfectly to your business needs (like how you can ride more freely when there are no cars around you). Having an independent server also means that you’re able to store thousands of additional records and support more users, which is perfect for any business that has larger internal operations or customer bases.

X2CRM On-Premise Download – A Repaved Road

Imagine your commute to work. You’ve driven the route a million times and know every turn, stoplight, and exit. As time’s gone on, the road you take to work has gotten really worn down. The potholes, cracks, and weather wear on the road make it almost impossible to drive on. Finally, the local government has decided to do something to improve the road conditions. They’ve decided to make new roads – not repave the existing roads, but build a competently new freeway system and force you to commute on this route instead.  Sounds ridiculous, right? The government already has the existing road infrastructure built – why not just improve the system they already have?

For any business that already uses a cloud service or company server, X2CRM is available for download. Similar to repaving a worn road, upgrading to X2CRM can improve your operations within your existing infrastructure. With our on-premise download, it’s now easier than ever to integrate X2CRM with your existing business.

With three new deployment options, X2CRM has a CRM system that can fit nearly any business and its needs. Check out our new products page for more information on any of our X2CRM services.