Do you believe in love at first sight….or first click?

First impressions are key. From job interviews to first dates to choosing a seat on the bus, our initial perception of one another often directly influences our following interactions (or lack thereof). Why not expand this understanding to first impressions online? Let’s imagine there are two different men on first dates: Mike and Will.

Mike knows that the best way to a woman’s heart is to appreciate her. He knows that his date is interested in Italian food and has booked a reservation for the best pasta in town. He wants to wow his date, so Mike has asked the chef for a customized menu of only her favorite foods. During their date, Mike asks all the right questions and listens to all her answers thoroughly. They laugh and they dine and his date knows that Mike went through all of this effort just to capture her.

Will is equally interested in his date, but cannot bother to put in additional effort to impress her. He’s already done enough to score the date, what more is there to do? Will meets his date in the first outfit he could throw together, greets her with a cheesy pick-up line, and then proceeds to take her on the most generic date possible. They don’t talk about anything relevant over dinner and she ends up excusing herself even before Will had a chance to start bragging about himself. It didn’t matter that Will and his date could have potentially been soulmates; he presented himself so poorly that his date wasn’t interested enough to bother finding out.

Out of these two men, who do you think got a second date?

When a potential customer opens a landing page link from your email campaign or views your website, they are doing more than just reading your content; they are interacting with your site. Just like Mike and Will learned, a potential customer may judge your entire product or service based on their first impressions of your website or landing page. Drawing in potential customers with an informative, attractive, and personalized landing page can be the difference in closing or losing a deal (or a second date).

With the launch of version 6.9, X2CRM now contains a Landing Page Designer. You can easily create a custom landing page with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, even without any previous page creation or coding experience. With this design studio, you can easily incorporate documents, images, or web lead forms directly from your X2CRM library. Landing pages can easily be created using the column and row organization structure of the design studio, options to incorporate custom CSS code, and in-browser previews. Like X2CRM’s Web Lead Creator, landing pages created with X2CRM can easily be placed within your website with provided embed code. Consider embedding X2 tracking code to gain even more insight into customer interactions!