Yesterday we released X2CRM open source version 6.0.2 in both web and mobile apps. For a dot release it features several new and powerful features. Also checkout another short 16 minute X2CRM Tech Talk video where demo each of the new X2CRM features below. 

Link to X2CRM 6.0.2 Tech Talk Demo Webcast

X2CRM Mobile Android and iOS Apps
X2CRM 6.0.2 introduces a number of new mobile application enhancements. X2CRM is fast becoming a primary tool for mobile users by allowing the full contact action history to be seen on mobile devices. A new tab interface now allows users to post notes along with the ability to delete actions in a contact action history record. Users can also take photos, create, search, view and edit customer records in a new compact Android & iOS mobile applications.

Email Correspondence – X2CRM can now monitor users email inboxes and automatically attach customer emails to CRM records. Marketing workflows can then be triggered create automated responses and alerts. In addition to tracking, alerting and logging when customer emails are opened, users can now add workflow automation triggers to automate responses, alerts or activate other actions within X2Workflow. Emails sent from automated marketing workflows can now activate new workflows when emails are opened by prospects. 

Check out our short Tech Talk demo webcast.